My iphone wind & rain video from AirVenture 2012

I shot the following video moments after I took cover from the storm on Thursday afternoon at AirVenture. I was standing under the covered patio on the east side of the Homebuilders Headquarters building trying to keep from blowing away. The two closest aircraft you see are Mike Finney’s homebuilt, clipped wing Cub and Mark Gilmore’s homebuilt Marquart Charger. Mike’s Cub was awarded Reserve Grand Champion Plans Built two days later at AirVenture and Mark’s Marquart Charger won Grand Champion plans-built aircraft at AirVenture 2009.

It was pretty intense, even watching it all happen from a semi-protected location. Mike and Sherry were out there doing everything they could to protect their beautiful Cub and got unbelievably pelted by the rain. It must have felt like needles to them. The third person you see helping them is Shona Hirota who flew her Glasair from Vancouver, BC. While the rest of us were trying to find the best under-roof spot to ride it out, she bolted out from underneath and rushed to help. There are amazing people among us!! Thanks Shona for doing what the rest of us should have.

Congratulations to Mike & Sherry Finney! I

  • Ray Johnson
    Posted at 17:39h, 30 July Reply

    Those of us who had airplanes on the field in Oshkosh on Thursday all had a good scare as the storm hit…….. It was intense for sure.

    CONGRATULATIONS to Mike & Sherry Finney on receiving the 2012 Reserve Grand Champion Award (Plans built) at AirVenture. Very deserving to this fine couple.

    Meet Mike & Sherry here. Click on:

  • Ray Johnson
    Posted at 14:05h, 30 July Reply

    That storm gave us all a good scare who had airplanes out there.

    Congratulations to Mike & Sherry Finneybeing awarded Reserve Grand Champion at Oshkosh 2012. Very well deserved to a very fine couple.

    Meet Mike & Sherry

    Click on:

  • Sharon
    Posted at 19:03h, 29 July Reply

    I feel the same way about our airplane. I got tense just watching those two protect those ailerons. Good video!

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 18:31h, 29 July Reply

    I haven’t seen it come with the rain, but I’ve held on to my Cub’s wing when the wind’s highest recorded gust was 67 mph. I don’t know how it didn’t blow away. It still makes my stomache squeem watching them and remembering my desperate “Oh no you will not blow my airplane away.”

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