Nano Farabaugh (Indiana)

Nano Farabaugh is based at KEKM, Elkhart Municipal Airport, Elkhart, Indiana. 

My father was a WWII pilot, airline pilot and FBO owner. My first flight at the controls was in a Cessna when I was 17. In 1967 a dear friend of my father’s landed in our farm field and took me for a “Spin.” I was hooked and asked my dad to let me take flying lessons. To determine if I was serious he asked me to cut my hair. He didn’t want me to take up flying as some teenage lark and kill myself. He didn’t specify how short, so I only cut off a few inches. A few months later he was my first passenger with my newly minted PPL.

My next venture was the Cessna aerobat. I loved that plane. Again my dad was my first passenger and asked me to take him back after 30 minutes of performing all the maneuvers I had learned.

In the 90’s my dad bought a ultralight/Challenger. I flew it one time and told him I’d never get in it again. I felt completely out of control and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get her back on the ground. He quickly sold it and bought a 1971 Bellanca Champ. We flew that all over the US in it. We took our time, flying low and slow. Some of our best times together were together in that plane. He told me landing it was harder than landing a DC-3. I inherited the Champ from my dad. I thank God every time I can fly and see the beauty of creation and the sky. I have been a pilot for over 50 years. I must say I’m glad I cut my hair!

Ratings: Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI

Aircraft flown: C150, C152 Aerobat, C172, C182, C337
Piper Tomahawk, Warrior, Archer, Comanche, Cub
Bellanca Champ (7ACA)

Dream taildragger: My Champ

Thoughts on taildragging: The freedom that comes from flying it.

Here is a video of me flying that a friend who is a professional videographer made.

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  • Sally
    Posted at 08:03h, 25 February Reply

    Way to go Nano, you are one of a kind. Sally

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