National Aeronca Association Convention 2012

If you love Aeroncas of all types, hopefully you made it to Middletown, Ohio for last week’s biannual convention. I was lucky enough to fly over for a quick visit last Friday, talk to many of the pilots and get a close up look at some beautiful airplanes.

Going to an Aeronca fly-in, I know I’m going to see some old friends! Scott Finney, Ray Johnson & Bill Finney all beat me there. Ray owns an Oshkosh Grand Champion Chief and Bill is a Bird Dog guy.


I met a lady taildragger pilot and Champ girl at Middletown!! Very cool. She promised to register on LLT when she gets back home so hope to hear more from her soon.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the convention was seeing two rare Aeroncas from the Golden Years of aviation, a 1930 C-2 and a 1931 C-3. The pair were tied down side by side and everyone seemed to congregate around these squat, astounding aircraft.

1930 Aeronca C-2, a.k.a. the Flying Bathtub

But, it gets even better – the pair flew several times and it’s on video!

1931 Aeronca C-3 NC12407

The video by Roger Anderson opens with close up taxiing of the pair.


And you’ll clearly hear the engines as they taxi by and “roaring” in several fly-bys.

The C-3 is “officially” a 2 place aircraft but people were a lot smaller and lighter back in the day. From stories I’ve heard, trying to fly one of these in the summer with 2 people can turn into a “high speed” taxiing adventure!

Watch the YouTube video posted by Roger Anderson at the NAA Convention; “4 minutes of C2 and C3 video that I took with my cell phone. Video isn’t great, but the E113 engine sounds come across pretty good. We had three C3s and I always thought of a John Deere tractor when I heard them. Roger Anderson”

And here’s a very cool side note from Roger: “My dad had three different C3s, all of which I got to fly. In the coloring book handout they gave us on the factory tour, the second pic in the book is a C3, N14564. My dad owned that one in the late ’50s and it is the very first airplane I ever soloed. I was astounded when I saw that pic of his airplane staring at me.”


And to end on a very happy note, here’s a classic line up of 65 hp Champs at the 2012 NAA Convention.

If you’re like most people, think “Aeronca” and this is what comes to mind! 🙂

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  • Charlotte
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    ‘Have fun, fly an Aeronca’!

  • Oliva
    Posted at 13:14h, 18 June Reply

    Thanks for all the C2 and C3 pictures, one of my all time favorite airplanes. Wish i could have made it but just too far.

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