New Taildragger Endorsement: Gail Stillings Burch (Florida)

Gail Stillings Burch Steve Krog

Gail Stillings Burch & Steve Krog

I did it….I took two days and drove to Hartford, Wisconsin and met up with Steve Krog from Cub Air. I spent 3.8 hours in the air in his cub and got my endorsement.
Gail Stillings Burch endorsement

Looks like a piece of paper to most but for me it is another personal challenge achieved.

He taught me so much and made it so much fun. I did three point landings on the turf, on the paved and even on the taxiway. I followed those with wheel landings, then crosswind landings on one wheel, then emergency landings, and slip to landing and short field, soft field and even take offs diagonally across the runway.
Gail Stillings Burch w instructor

Thank you to the folks at Cub Air in Hartford Wisconsin and especially to CFI Steve Krog, a great teacher with nerves of steel.

All the while he sat in the back seat and chuckled “away we go”…..what a blast….he taught me how to prop start and kept me in the front seat to ready myself for the Luscombe.

Luscombe N519SB (Sassy Brat) or Stillings Burch (the 1946 Luscombe my son and his wife and I bought, currently being restored by the great crew at Ormond Aircraft) should be in the air by Christmas.

Super excited,,,,,

Gail Stillings Burch

Gail Stillings Burch Cub Air Sign

Big thanks to Stephen Searle for making me the “best stable approach” pilot my CFI has flown with….signed off in the Cub in 3.6 hours…..must be those ups and downs.

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