Going Shopping

Update: No new airplane for me today 🙁

Back home with no new wings to brag about. I’m disappointed; I sure was hoping this would be IT! From a distance looked great but closer inspection showed some “issues”, mostly with the fabric. It was one of those problems that would bug us till we just fixed it which meant taking the wings off, bringing the fuselage home and peeling all the coatings off down to the fabric. Probably recovering the horizontal, rudder and elevators too. On the fuselage would have to remove all the finish & tapes and reapply the tapes and build all the coatings back up. Totally doable, just not looking for a project right now.

I know…. it looks beautiful. Just wasn’t meant to be!





So did I mention we found her at a grass strip?!


East end 27, the Happy Champ decides not to take off uphill and try and clear the trees

Taxing out I was thinking “we got in here just fine but how’s she going to do getting back out?” The Happy Champ’s not known for blasting out of anywhere – especially with us.. and stuff… and fuel. Maybe should have skipped that lunch stop on the way up!


Much better to go up the hump then hope to be airborne before the bottom falls out and it’s all downhill. Piece of cake!

Guess the bottom line is, I’m still looking for a taildragger.  There’s lots of them out there. Surely I’ll find the one that matches up with my pocketbook and has most of the things on my wish list.


Sunday a.m.
I’ve been thinking, and thinking, and thinking for a long time…. Is it time for me to buy a different taildragger?? I LOVE the Happy Champ but there are so many great taildraggers out there and I want one of each!  Now I know airplanes aren’t cheap but compared to just a couple years ago the bottom has fallen out and now’s really a good time to airplane shop.  So with my A&P/IA in tow (a.k.a. Boyd) we’re heading north this morning hoping to find me one great airplane.
Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll let you know if there’s going to be a new member in the family!!
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  • Anne Wright
    Posted at 11:06h, 17 October Reply

    I can’t believe you’d get rid of the Happy Little Champ, even for another taildragger. She’s the one who inspired this group! What’s this world coming to??? (but if you get a Supercub, I’ll forgive you…)

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