Niagara Falls, New York to Jackman, Maine

Today was Day 2 on our USA Perimeter flight and fly we did – Niagara Falls, New York to Jackman, Maine.

A bumpy flight.  Note to self: next time cross the rough stuff EARLY in the day!

If what’s happened so far is any sign, we’re destined to meet great people as we travel around the rim. Yesterday when we landed at Niagara Falls, Calspan Air Services was supposed to have an Enterprise car waiting for us. It was Sunday afternoon, there was no car and there was no way to get one until Monday. Not there, not anywhere. They did lend us their courtesy car for a few hours but it had to be back to them by 11 p.m. Our motel was a 15 – 20 minute drive downtown, and without transportation, we were going to be stuck with long cab or Uber rides for everything we’d planned. That’s when Kevin, a long time employee and a former NY police officer, stepped up to volunteer on his own time to drop us off and pick us up. Not only did he deliver us downtown that evening, he picked us up from our motel this morning – on his day off – and took us back to the airport. We tried to tell him we’d make other arrangements. We tried to pay him. We did everything in our power to convince him it was OK, but the guy just refused to not help us. He was incredible.

Absolutely beautiful view flying the southern shore of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Approach to 59B, Newton Airport, Moose River/Jackman, Maine. Luckily those 30 mph gusts were down the runway. Many thanks to our new friend at Jackman,  Jim Schoenmann, for taking us to town and helping us find a cabin for overnight.

Sally Mountain Cabins. $38 bucks pp x 2 with 5 beds to spare! 3 in the loft.

Our choices; a double, 3 singles in the loft and a set of bunk beds too. I was thinking ‘maybe’ till Boyd hollered a loud NO! to my bunk beds idea. 😉

Snug as a bug tonight in this real-deal cabin.

The town of Jackman, Maine has a population of 800. It’s a beautiful area with a few motels and cabins, 3 or 4 restaurants and friendly people. Canoeing, fishing and snowmobiling are the big draws.



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