Nic Orchard: 8 Random things I love about my Taildragger

Lady taildragger pilot Nic Orchard from the UK sends in 8 random reasons she loves to fly her 1946 Champ. FYI, I got to pick the pictures from my stash!

Ooops, Nic, wrong picture??! I have to say, there was a lot to love about your Champ before your engine failure and sudden emergency landing in that cow patch. Now that she’s restored you SHOULD have plenty of random reasons to love her!!

Nic’s 8 Random Reasons to love her ’46 Champ, restoration completed in 2011.

#1 Her looks.  Wrinkle free at 66…

Restored Champ G-TECC with Nic at the stick!

#2 Her sound.

#3 Her cute basset-eared wings.

#4 Sliding windows!

#5 High wings

#6 Excellent visibility (well, excellent some days!)

#7 The way she flies.

#8 We’re an item.


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