Nicole Bringolf (Nevada)

Nicole Bringolf is based at KRTS, Reno/Stead Airport, Reno, Nevada.

Nicole Brill 2

I used to own the Aerobatic Company and Flight School, Inc. until divorced but I continue to fly the school’s Decathlon and other aircraft so I can work on my instrument.

Nicole Brill 3

After my instrument, my main goal is to work on aerobatics so I can compete in the IAC in a Decathlon.

Nicole BrillI should note that I am deaf.

Nicole Brill 4

I look forward to interacting and meeting other female taildraggers.

Nicole Brill

Wow – if you’re like me, you read the few comments Nicole entered when she registered on LLT, scrolled through her pictures, then read the unembellished statement, “I should note that I am deaf”. What? Deaf? That’s it? Is that even possible? Oh, I had so many questions and wasted no time in emailing Nicole back saying I was more than a little curious; how had she gotten interested in flying and how does a pilot who cannot hear adapt to the extraordinary challenge? Low and behold, my questions were answered. Check out the article Nicole wrote for 99 News, November/December 2013 issue. You’ll find Nicole’s story “Who Needs To Hear When You’ve Got Wings?” on page 12.

I am a deaf pilot. When people asked how I could fly, a friend used to tell them, “Shhh, don’t tell the airplane.”

99 News, Nicole Brill


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