No Skis? Fly Anyway!

Taildragger 101

 No skis? Fly anyway!

by Dan Wilkins

 This works for me. Maybe it will work for you.

Dan Wilkins Snow Champ 2

  The day was perfect for flying.  The only trouble was the field was covered with 2-3 inches of fresh snow. I knew the grass field was in good shape because I flew the day before the snowfall.
Dan Wilkins Snow Champ 3
   Upon arriving at the field I drove my car across the field and checked the tracks. It was easy cruising, the stuff skiers love. Be aware that I would not consider flying off of crusty snow.
Dan Wilkins Snow Champ wheel
   Once the plane was ready to go I taxied around to get the feel. Take off was fine and that cool air is wonderful for lift.
Dan Wilkins Snow Champ view
   Landing was my worry. Would the drag on the wheels push the nose down? No problem. I just floated the old girl in with a 3-point landing and just kept that stick full back. She slows down quickly. Need I mention the magic world that was beneath?
Dan Wilkins Snow champ
By the way, bring plenty of towels and water to clean off your plane.

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