Oh happy day!

Oh happy day, I flew and it’s not even the weekend yet! Tomorrow I’ll get a lot more time aloft but I’m just happy I was able to get airborne for a couple hours on a Friday. Love these longer days already. March 23 First stop was the grass strip where I flew on skis a couple months ago. It didn’t look like this today but the weather service says it will soon. Indianapolis is expecting 10″ snow a little over 24 hours from now! All the more reason I’m happy I got out there today and flew. IMG_1553 There are SO many grass strips just waiting to be found and it’s always an adventure. March 13 CI’ve been on a mission to drop in on as many as I can get to. It’s a really easy thing to do if you’re not in the habit of flying too high. See one ahead or find one on your GPS and head that direction. It’s a good idea to do a low pass first to check out the runway – if it looks good – go for it. March 23 b Grass strips aren’t the only thing out there though. Flying low and slow over central Ohio there are dozens of tiny towns, each just miles apart. At the center of every town is a beautiful church with a big steeple. SAM_2118 The church designs looks very similar. SAM_2144 Lots of red brick, grey roofs and tall steeples. SAM_2116Fly often, fly low every chance you get, and soak in the amazing world we special people get to see. SAM_2142

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