On to North Dakota!

Hello, Hello, from Minot, North Dakota. Boyd and I are on the move with moments to post an update,  but for what it’s worth — this is it!

Set to depart Kalispell, Montana, the final mountain flight of the trip.

With another low ceiling flight ahead of us, we spent considerable time flight planning our route through the mountains and over the valleys. The morning ceilings were too low to fly but set to improve.


Crossing the range turned out to be easier than expected and unbelievably beautiful.

Winds across the mountains were 30 knots and causing moderate to extreme turbulence though, depending on your personal definition. 😉

Popping out into the flat lands, we were just north of Great Falls, MT. For the next 300 miles we paralleled rainshowers just to our north.

None were severe but they covered about 40% of the sky.

Our final destination of the day, Minot, ND,  was a welcome sight. It was a 4 hour flight, nonstop, with 2 souls onboard, both with limited bladder range!  😉

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