Our Around the Rim flight arrives in Texas!

Our progress westward continues. The last 48 hours we’ve covered ground and water between Venice, Florida and Beaumont, Texas. That’s much of the western coast of Florida, the panhandle, a tiny bit of Alabama and Louisiana, and across the line into the enormous state of Texas.

Pop up showers have been frequent the last couple days. We’ve done plenty of deviating, all with comfortable clearances.

First stop after Venice, 97FL, a Florida residential flyin community that works. I’ve been around long enough to know they’re not all paradise, but Love Field is a beautiful location with lots of very happy homeowners.

Many thanks to our overnight host, Terri Hull, whose own 3 taildraggers haven’t yet made their way from Ohio to their new home at 97FL Love Field.

This was our pretty bird’s first night in a hangar since departing Indy over 2 weeks ago. We could have brought along 5 or 6 buddies!

We were only lucky enough to peek into one hangar but were not disappointed. This one is home to an award winning Champ, not to mention an equally impressive Stearman.

On a morning walk around the field I came across this home. You know someone special lives inside a house with a giant Stearman painted on the garage door.

Much of our recent flying’s been on the murky side. The hazy Louisiana coast.

And don’t ya know, it’s cozy up here!

Of all the people we’ve met, the Enterprise car rental team at Beaumont, Texas have been the most amazed by our flight. They thought we were being flown around the perimeter in a big fancy jet by a “professional” until I showed them pixs of our tiny RV7. Oh, the looks on their faces!

They were so impressed by our adventure they gave us this Big Bad Black Ford F150 for the bargain price of $32 day – their welcome to Texas!

And message to anyone thinking of a similar flight – you gotta LOVE your flying partner to fly 9,000 miles sardine style!

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