Our USA flight continues. Cape Code today. The Hudson River Corridor tomorrow.

You guessed it, we did Cape Cod today! The airport ID’s give you a rough idea of our course but we actually flew the entire shoreline of Cape Cod, northern tip of Provincetown and all.

Bye Bye Maine.

Hello Rhode Island!

Today was Day 5 of our USA perimeter flight and we have been totally and completely sucked into this adventure. It is absolutely mind-boggling how quickly an RV7 can take you from one world to the next. This morning we left the quiet lobstering villages of central Maine and not long after, arrived in Newport, Rhode Island – a universe unto itself. The decadent homes of last century’s ultra rich line the shore and are monuments to the Rockefeller’s, Vanderbilt’s, Astor’s and the ridiculously rich.

Sadly, that’s not us! I’m not sure why we thought driving a rental car from Rockland, Maine and overnighting in Portland was a good idea, but this morning it was a slow 2 hour drive back to our RV7 at Rockland’s airport.  We’re always chomping at the bit to get going so today it all worked out. Low ceilings along the coast prevented us from flying early so at least we were in motion, albeit it in a car.

Departing Rockland for Newport, Rhode Island took us down the coast until we deviated west around the Boston Class B airspace. Something about flying to the east, low for that long over open water,  just didn’t work for us.

Approaching Cape Cod is beautiful country.

Boy oh boy, what a beautiful flight. We deviated around the restricted area approaching Cape Cod, then overflew a couple airports before landing at the uncontrolled Chatham Airport KCQX. 3000′ long, beautiful approach, great airport. And perfect timing for lunch if only they’d had a courtesy car. It turned out no courtesy car was needed. They have a first rate, highly acclaimed, very small restaurant on the field.

Check out the Hangar B Eatery at the airport. I ordered this 3″ tall donut that looked scrumptious and it came to our table with 3 homemade jellies w/butter to accompany it; lemon, strawberry and blackberry. OMG!

It’s small, but the inside and outside deck view of the runway cant’be beat.

And don’t miss the fish tacos with homemade pesto!

This view of Cape Cod is from the northern tip of Provincetown. The whales are active and sightings are constant in the area. We were thrilled to see many whales along the northern shore.

Today Rhode Island. Tomorrow (Friday), we’re shooting for the Hudson River corridor! Please let me know if you’re anywhere near the U.S. border and would like to meet up. We’re anxious to find fellow aviators and would love to hear from you. Email: LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com.



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