Pamalie Reynolds (Iowa)

Pamalie Reynolds, Green Castle Airport, IA24, Oxford, Iowa.

I got my license in 1969 in a C150 in Bedford, Indiana.  With my husband, bought a C140 in 1973, flew it for 2 or 3 years.

Moved out to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1976 to go to work for Rockwell Collins in avionics software.  At the same time bought a C170.

Flew a couple of Powder Puff Derbies (1974 in a C172, 1976 in a C182).

Moved out to a farm north of Cedar Rapids with a grass strip, sold the C170, bought a C180.

Flew the C180 for the next 19 years with my growing family (2 sons) to Mt Comfort, IN, to see the boys’ Grandma, until 1990, when she moved away.  Old timers there may remember her, Nellie Reynolds, and her C172.

Flew the C180 to both coasts and in Canada.

Bought a Citabria to fly for fun and for our sons to learn to fly. Boys grew up and set out on their own lives.  Younger son got his license in the Citabria, then went to med school.  Sold the Citabria to help son with med school. Son joined the Air Force, will graduate from med school shortly and become a flight surgeon.

Sold the C180 (didn’t need the big capability and big appetite any more).

Bought a Maule M-5.  Flew it south to Georgia to check out with Ray Maule, then to North Carolina to see Mom.  Flew it on a few more fun trips, but just sold it in December.

For first time since 1973, we don’t own an airplane anymore, but am in good health and have just joined the Greencastle Aero Club.

Am interested in flying their Citabria or C140.  I am retired from Rockwell Collins and keep busy with volunteer activities and travel camping with my husband.

You can’t imagine my delight in finding your organization and activities.  I am really motivated to return to flying and perhaps meet up with you at some of your get-togethers here in the midwest.  What a great idea, and you sound like a very fun group!

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