Passion!! Have you got it??!

PASSION. Have you got it?!

“An intense emotion…enthusiasm…a compelling feeling…a desire”.

WOW, I love these words! String ’em together, add the words “ladies” and “taildraggers” and you’ve defined who we are.

Amelie Windel’s got it!

If you have it, you’ve come to the right place to share the fun and excitement of what flying is all about.  LadiesLoveTaildraggers is a loosely bound group of women whose lives’ are filled with the passion of flying taildraggers.

Arty Trost’s got it!

It may not come easy. It may force you to make some compromises. But for those that would  live in a smaller house, drive an older car, pass up Starbucks, and spend a great deal of discretionary income on flying……well, you’re one of us, and you understand.

Debra Plymate’s got it!

For most of us there’s only so many $$s to spread around. The smart ones, with a love of aviation, choose to “spread it” on aircraft, fuel, maintenance, instruction, ratings, hangars, insurance, avionics and all the other must haves that feed the passion.

Lisa Ann Toll’s got it!

And IT is a wonderful thing!

Barbara Kirmsee and Andrea Eldridge have it!

If flying makes you happy, as it does these women, be relentless in your pursuit of it.


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