Peggy Fry (Illinois)

Peggy Fry is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Poplar Grove, Illinois.


I’ve been flying since 1992 when I was introduced to the world of aviation through a sightseeing flight in a Cessna 152. My husband Bob and I both got our licenses and bought a 1966 Cessna 206 so we could travel with our 3 children. I bought my 1946 Taylorcraft so I could escape the bonds of earth and enjoy flying in a simpler, less encumbered experience. I absolutely love having a hand prop, no radio, 65 horse power bird that lets me sky dance!


We fly the 206 to reach a destination – I fly my little taildragger to maintain my sanity! We live in the airpark Bel Air Estates at C77 Poplar Grove Airport in IL – an amazing neighborhood which includes pilots of all walks of life from commercial, military and your regular “joes”, but best of all over 40 women pilots! Besides being a pilot, I’m an artist, writer, and an event planner and fundraiser for non-profits. Our family has a beautiful remote cabin on Lake Vermilion in MN.

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