Pilot Update; Dianne Wieman

Dianne Wieman from Texas writes;

“Judy, other than being one of the out of job statistics, my Champ and I are doing great! We do not fly very far lately (even gas costs money!) although we have visited the glider field and took several ladies for special rides.”

Dianne’s Champ N84427

“I signed off Laura for her private pilots certificate and she made it!  The other young lady is a student pilot and was having some difficulty with her crosswind landings, we flew some in her trainer to help her before we went for the ride in the Champ!  I am doing some glider instructing and working on finding a job!  My CAP cadets are about to finsh their model rocket program by shooting their last “BIG” rocket for completion!”



Champ TDA

Dianne & TDA (sent in May 2011)

Link to Dianne Wieman’s January 2010 Pilot Profile

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