Pilot Update; Freya Shiller

Freya Shiller from Texas writes;

Landing at 81D

“I’m in Peru for work and there are paragliders going by my window.  Nice weather here but a cold snap in Texas. I sent a picture of the 81D All Stars; my S2B, a friend’s S2A and Bruce Bohannon’s Legend Cub.”

Freya’s red S2B  and friends’ S2A & Legend Cub

“I don’t know if you have a link on your blog but if anyone is looking for a “tailwheel experience” Bruce Bohannon (of Fly’n Tiger fame) is offering gift certificates for the holidays at his flight school.  $99 for a Legend Cub ride/intro lesson and $199 for an acro thrill ride in a Pitts.”

Bruce Bohannon & his highly modified RV-4


Bruce’s Legend Cub

“Nice time to fly in south Texas!”

Freya Shiller

Link to Freya Shiller’s April 2010 Pilot Profile

Bruce can be reached at flyalegend@gmail.com or 832-621-5004.

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