Pilot update from Christine S Mortine

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Thank you to lady taildragger pilot Christine Mortine for this update! Christine is based at KOSU, Ohio State University Airport, Columbus, Ohio.

Christine S Mortine

Christine S Mortine and her C185

I’m in my second career as a full time flight instructor and loving it. CFI & MEI. First career was 25 years as a classical musician, professor and conductor.  My Cessna 185, named Songbird, started as a C180 with California State Patrol and has a ton of 337s with an Infield Approval for C185.


I’m a bush pilot at heart, though living in Ohio. Spent my life backpacking, lived in Alaska, etc., so when I was able to get a plane, it had to be something I could haul gear, people and land short….even if I’m pretending in Ohio.


Christine Mortine February 2015 LLT 

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