Pilots Needed for Texas Relief: Operation AirDrop

Gayla Maas and her RV-6

Texas LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ member Gayla Maas is participating in an effort to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, Operation AirDrop. “Operation Airdrop (OAD) is a volunteer rescue organization composed of General Aviation pilots (who) have assembled to transport supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey. OAD’s primary focus is the harder to reach communities along the Texas Gulf Coast.”

The following is from Gayla’s Facebook post in the Ladies Love Taildraggers’ Facebook group earlier today. GA pilots, ground support and donations are needed.

Less than glamorous and not a taildragger, but yesterday I was part of a great group, moving supplies from a central location to those in need, following Hurricane Harvey. In a friend’s Baron, we loaded over 800 pounds of supplies, and headed to West Houston (KIWS). No space was left unfilled. We even broke the last case of water down, so we could fit individual bottles in small spaces.

KIWS had been surrounded by water, and yesterday was the first day the runway wasn’t under water. However, the taxiway was still under water, so had to back taxi the runway to the ramp for unloading. We were the first fight to arrive. It was amazing to see people jumping and cheering our arrival, as we pulled up for offloading.

I was so blessed to get to be a part of this, and felt lucky to get to not only ride along as help, but get to do a little flying too! A couple of photos from the day. Hoping to be able to participate in another run later this week!

Any of you gals with airplane access that cannot make the LLT fly in, and can get to Texas, this is a great group, and you will not regret the experience. If you are in Texas, but without airplane access, they need ground support help too, and no experience necessary. The support is second to none. Operation-AirDrop.com

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