Pilots see the Strangest Things!

As pilots, every day we get to see things that a handful of people get to see. Here are 11 pictures that might make you smile, or amaze you, or make you remember how lucky you really are.

Patty Wagstaff’s view above a Paris runway; the red markers are the 500′ line.

From TV Land…

An Arizona farmer built a 10-acre homage to the talk show host

Not an Oprah fan? No problem, we’ve got Homer too!

Put your clothes on Homer! I don’t even know what so say about the other guy!

If you think you’ve seen lots of remarkable things from the air, you may not want to play the picture game with John Graham. NObody does a better job of documenting the Midwest from a taildragger than John!

Nobody’s had to remind me of this yet…. but John’s picture cracked me up anyway.  “PULL UP” at the end of an Indiana grass strip.

Amish school art.

Another from John Graham. “I fly over every week and wave my wings at the kids. They stand with their arms out like wings and rock them at me!”

This next one is a sad sight (from John). Years ago I saw an eerily similar sight approaching Skylane Airport 3EV. Had taken off from Skylane 1 week before on a trip to Colorado in our Mooney and had no idea what had happened the night before our return. Our hangar was a pile of rubble and the Mooney would have been too. Timing is everything.

John Graham, tornado at Lima Ohio 4-5 years ago

Like I said, John’s seen it all!

I particularly like John’s description on this one.  “If your name is Perez and you are near Canton, not everyone loves you.”

This one is Mary Conklin’s. You can check her out at Mary Conklin on Ladies Love Taildraggers

Mary Conklin from “Mary’s Landing” airport points the way to pilots heading to Oshkosh.

If these people aren’t pilots, somebody needs to give them a ride!

Another flying friendly neighbor near New Holstein!


Pretty much says it all!

OK, make me stop somebody!! 🙂 This next one should do it for sure because it doesn’t get any more bizarre! And don’t be singing “Only in America” about now ’cause this one we can’t claim.


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  • Andi
    Posted at 18:12h, 24 January Reply

    Thanks for posting all the interesting pictures Judy. I never know what I’ll find here and I’m never disappointed. I appreciate everything you’re doing to keep us tailwheel gals connected! Andi

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