Ping Zhao & Piper Clipper

Ping Zhao is based at KSQL, San Carlos Airport, San Carlos, California.

Headed to the runway for first solo

Steve (my husband) and I bought our Piper Clipper 2 years ago and I started to learn to fly in it.

Taken from a friends J3 during some games in the valley

This raised more than a few eyebrows as it apparently was not the simplest route to my license. Thankfully Len von Clemm,  Dave Gray, and Jim Grant, all of Aerodynamic Aviation, took the challenge and the rest is history. Before this I had never been in an aircraft that didn’t have at least one flight attendant.

Minutes after passing checkride!

It has been an uphill climb but last week I passed my checkride with every logged minute in our Clipper apart from 3 hours night flying in a Citabria.

Trophies in hand at a Sierra Skypark flyin

We keep N6913 at San Carlos KSQL but live half of the time in NYC so we are now working towards our next adventure which is to hop, low and slow, across the country taking photographs and meeting people along the way.

Ping, under the watchful eye of Sarah Wilson playing with a Stearman at the Fantasy of Flight

Here is a view into our world


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