Piper PA-12 Alaska Ski Flying (Lisa Preuit)

Lisa Preuit is based at PAWS, Wasilla, Alaska.

Lisa Preuit skis closeup


I recently flew a PA-12 with skis for the first time. The entire concept of flying a plane with no brakes was a bit scary, I will readily admit. My flight instructor, a retired Alaska Airlines captain and bush pilot, explained the entire procedure on the ground before we departed.

Once airborne we headed for the lake to look for tracks, signs of snow depth, and thin ice. I found smoke from a cabin and set up my approach accordingly. The landing went well and once we finally skidded to a stop he had me taxi all around the lake ice, learning to turn and stop turns by using the prop blast on the tail fin. Take off went well and the entire day was a huge success. Lisa Preuit snow

A beautiful Alaska day and a new skill learned!!


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