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3-D Vintage Airplane Pop-up Cards (set of 2)


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These 4″ x 6″ 3-D, popup airplane cards are little works of art. Open, then watch as a fantastic, hand-cut airplane (taildragger, of course!) unfolds and pops up before your eyes. Is it a Waco? With the tail of a Wilga? We may never know, but it’s cool enough I’m tickled to have found it.

Purchase in quantities of two; Red (2), Blue (2), or Mixed (1 Red/1 Blue), both with a hint of glitter.

Handmade papercraft, from high quality imported card stock. Intricately cut and hand assembled.

Available in Blue (2) or Red (2), or Mixed (1 Blue & 1 Red). Hand folded enveloped included with each card.

Shipping Included.  All proceeds benefit LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ website expenses.