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LadiesLoveTaildraggers Antique Bronze Bracelet


Beautiful, casual style antique bronze slip-on bracelet for anyone who Loves Taildraggers!

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This bracelet is solid and beautiful, made from brass and plated antique bronze and shipping is FREE!

It is open at the back allowing it to easily slip on and off. The graphic enclosed glass top is approx. 1-1/8″ diameter and the bracelet approx. 2.5″ long. This is much more casual design and finish than the highly polished, silver hinged bracelet.

It will fit a variety of wrist sizes. See images of my wrist and Kate’s very slim wrist for comparison. It is, however, not size adjustable and attempting to squeeze it narrower or larger may weaken the bond. Squeezing, when it is designed to simply slip on and off, could cause the band to separate from the circular, antique brass and glass top component. Mine is sturdy but I don’t apply unnecessary pressure when taking it off and on.