Rachel Aukes (Iowa)

Rachel lives in Des Moines, Iowa and is based at AMW.

Rachel and her Stearman

I’m a new pilot (well under 100 hours yet) and have just started working on getting my first rating – a tailwheel endorsement.  I fly a 1943 Stearman PT-13 (Army colors). I fly whenever I get the chance, which is never enough. I’ve been lucky enough to fly and catch rides in a variety of birds, and I’ve even started a website to track my – and my husband’s – adventures www.halffastadventures.com. I love fly-ins of any kind… from small potlucks to OSH.  And in early September I make my annual pilgrammage to Blakesburg, Iowa, for the national antique airplane fly-in and then to Galesburg, Illinois for the national Stearman fly-in.

Camping at the Blakesburg Fly-in

An amazing ride in a friend's P-51

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