Ray Johnson: Random things I love about my taildragger

Thanks to everyone who filled out the “Random Things I LOVE About My Taildragger” form and emailed pictures! You all are so cool and so are the pictures and comments you’ve sent me. Remember, this little exploration into what we love about our taildraggers is open to guys and gals. We love men, especially when they’re flying a taildragger, so it just seemed right to include the guys in our fun. It’s up for debate whether they can be as obsessed as we can be with our airplanes but let’s see what they got, then decide! I’ll be posting these in the order I received them and I can tell you, Ray Johnson didn’t waste a single minute filling out the form and sending me his pictures. Ray, you lucky guy, you’re first!

Ray Johnson owns a 1947 Aeronca Chief (11AC) and flies it out of Marion, Indiana.

#1 Low & slow flying. We enjoy flying the tree tops !!


#2 Restored to original in 1995. Looks today like it left the factory in March of 1947.


#3 Flying it to Oshkosh every year.  Haven’t missed an Oshkosh since 1980. That’s Papa Paul!


#4 Flying into as many grass airstrips as possible.


#5 This little airplane has opened more doors for us to meet wonderful people. It really is the people that make flying these old airplanes worthwhile.


#6 Taking folks a low & slow ride over Indiana !!


#7 The COOL people you meet at Fly/Ins.


#8 Hand propping it just like in 1947…….

Join us on Saturday of Labor Day weekend for the annual Fly/In Cruise/In held at the Marion, Indiana Municipal Airport (MZZ).


We have owned our 11AC Aeronca Chief continually since 1980. We have flown several other airplanes but the ole Chief is staying in the family. When I stop & think what this ole Aeronca means to me…….. well it is a way of life.


Ray Johnson

  • Richard Holcombe
    Posted at 00:57h, 13 November Reply

    We fly great planes for sight seeing, and when it is time to leave town these sweet old birds will fly all day, every day to anywhere in the country.
    Stop by to say hi at Oshkosh. My plane will be down in vintage camping again next summer.

  • Brenda in Minnie
    Posted at 09:34h, 23 August Reply

    Ray, thanks for sharing your top 8. Fun pics and script!
    ~Brenda, RST

  • Robert Kittine
    Posted at 07:27h, 22 August Reply

    Love flying low and slow on my taildragger, or splashing in when on floats. It is great to meet like minded people, enjoy grass strips, fly ins, old planes and old cars. Even better when it is with an Aeronca. – Bob – New York City

  • Rich Dugger
    Posted at 20:22h, 21 August Reply

    Nice work, Ray. Cool pics.
    Have a good time at the Cruise In. I’ll be in TX but always enjoyed it.

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