Remembering Cromwell Dixon’s flight across the Great Divide

Here’s an interesting  story out of Helena, Montana that proves the power of one young girl’s voice. This weekend, Helena celebrated the 1911 flight of a 19 year old boy named Cromwell Dixon across the Great Divide.  The day may have passed unnoticed by the community if it wasn’t for the interest of a 6th grade girl.  A young Clair Longsworth became interested in Dixon in the 6th grade and this year, as a high school freshman, has managed to enlist the support of the entire community behind her. With help from other students from the Montana City School & the Lewis and Clark County Commission they came up with a way to honor and remember Cromwell Dixon.

Cromwell Dixon departed from Helena, Montana on Sept 30, 1911

A half scale model of Cromwell’s plane, “Little Hummingbird”, was built by a group of students from another school, Capital High, and is now part of a Cromwell Dixon exhibit in Helena. As part of the celebration they offered free aircraft rides for Young Eagles over his landing site plus a pancake breakfast, aircraft displays, model aircraft,  a Model 1911 Curtis flyer and more.

With the number of licensed pilots continually diminishing, it is possible for one single person’s  interest to plant the “aviation seed” in many and help provide a future generation of pilots. Well done, Clair Longsworth!

Thanks, Jeanne MacPhearson for sending the following news!

Extra! Extra! Cromwell Dixon 19-year-old, first to cross the Great Divide!

Cromwell Dixon collects $10,000.00 purse on September 30, 1911.

We celebrated Cromwell Dixon in Helena this weekend.
Harriet Quimby (aka Jeanne MacPherson) the first female pilot in the USA and one of the world’s best woman aviator’s stopped by the Cromwell Dixon celebration. Harriet Quimby became the 1st licensed woman pilot in the USA, number 37, on August 1, 1911.
Cromwell Dixon’s pilots license was number 43, issued on August 31, 1911.

 Harriet Quimby (aka Jeanne)  is looking into the future as she stands next to Hank Galpin’s Travel Air!

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