Rent ‘The Casita de Aero’, Big Bend/Terlingua, TX

Last week I had the extreme pleasure of staying at fellow taildragger pilots Marti & Alex Whitmore’s casita in Terlingua, Texas. Marti extended the offer to come and stay at their casita and I accepted without hesitation. Truth is, I had absolutely no idea what the heck a casita was. I did know she’d invited our RV7 flight-of-2, four people, said they had room between their house and casita, and we were coming. We’d figure it out.

So what is a casita? A casita is the Spanish word for a small house in the southwest U.S. or Mexico. We arrived and loved it, real bathroom and all! Marti & Alex were scrambling to complete their delightful project and we were the lucky inaugural first guests. What an honor!

Lucky for you, if you’re an adventurous pilot looking for a cool place to perch for a day or longer, it can be yours too!


The Whitmore’s casita is a beautifully refurbished Airstream trailer with a single bedroom and bathroom with indoor plumbing. It is permanently mounted under a metal roof that shades it from the hot Texas sun. The wheel wells have been removed to provide more floor space.


Although air-conditioned, we certainly didn’t need it in November. The shower is an outdoor enclosure just off the patio and will be completed before the end of the year.



Marti and Alex have done all the refurbishing including Marti setting the Mexican tile herself. bathroom

Look at that beautiful blue sky! The views from the casita are breaktaking, day or night. If you’re like me and rarely escape the glare of city lights, you will be blown away by the starry night sky at Terlingua. That alone was worth the trip.


Sitting on the casita patio, Big Bend National Park and Mexico are nearby, just to the southeast.



Texas starry night. Picture by others.

Click through the slideshow of what you’ll likely see approaching 3TE8, Fulcher Field at Terlingua from the northeast.

Contact Marti Whitmore for information about visiting and booking the Casita de Aero. Price is $199 per night and includes pickup from the airport and use of a car while you’re there. or call 214-577-2486.

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