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Most people assume there’s always a man directing the search when we ladies decide it’s time to buy an airplane. After talking to lady taildragger pilots for years about their aircraft, I’d have to be first in line to argue that point. The subject reminds me of a new car purchase I made years ago when my old car was on its last leg.

Car repair

OK, you’re right, this isn’t me! And I have no plans to work on my own car or even change my own oil but strand me with a flat tire and I’ll be on my way before you know it. 🙂

I work for my money, know what I want, know what I can afford and do my research. Heading out to buy my new car, I’d decided it was going to be a Toyota Camry, 2.2L, 4 cylinder, 4 speed automatic, beige metallic and I would pay $500 over dealer net cost.

No, not me! When I can have TWO cars, this might be fun though.

No, not the Toyota but when I can afford to have TWO cars, this might be fun for the weekends!

I walked into one of 3 Toyota dealerships in Indianapolis anxious to test-drive a new Camry, “ooh and ahh” over it and cut a deal. Apparently the 4 gentlemen sales reps on the showroom floor who completely ignored me thought that no-man-in-sight meant no-sale. Guess I’m not all that patient when I’m ready to buy ’cause it didn’t take me long to get back in my old car, drive to another dealer about 10 miles away and buy it there. Point is, we decide what we want and we make it happen.

Taildragger for sale

So when it comes to airplane shopping, most of us have an idea of what we’re looking for in an airplane. With me it’s performance, it’s a tandem configuration, it’s taildraggin for sure, it’s fuel efficiency and it’s PRICE. With you the criteria may be totally different and that’s cool. Keeps things interesting if we all love something different.

If you’ve flown an aircarft (taildragger!) that you’d like to “Review” on LadiesLoveTaildraggers, for the benefit of us all, please send it in. Kitfox, Taylorcraft, Cubcrafters, Savage Cub, Super Cub, Stinson 108, Pitts S2-B, on and on, they’re all good. The more we know, the better buyers we will be. If you have pictures to include send them, if not, we’ll find an image to plug in. Please email to


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