Rhonda Sprague (Oregon)

Rhonda Sprague is based at KRBG, Roseburg Regional Airport, Roseburg, Oregon.

Rhonda Sprague

For the last 5 years I have been flown around (right seat) in a Maule. We purchased an M-5 and my husband has gotten to fly it. I tag along. My personal goal is to be able to fly it without him.  🙂

I have gotten my high performance endorsement and my next step is a tailwheel endorsement. I started flying because I didn’t know what to expect when flying and learned that I love it.

Private Pilot, High Performance Endorsement

Aircraft flown:
-Socata Tampico – 1 of 67 in the USA (flew it like I stole it… from my spouse)
-Cessna 150 – bought to get back up in the air after we sold the Tampico
-Cessna 172/182 rented these. I hate renting!
-SuperCub on floats – Ski plane Lessons in Alaska – I have 8 hours!

We also had a Christen Eagle II [before I started to be really interested in flying] that we flew to LA and hubby flew for hours

Flying 2017 with Hubby R Sprague

Dream taildragger: The Maule we own

Thoughts on taildragging: I’m not sure I love taildraggers, but I love planes and enjoy the capacity of taildraggers to get in and out of a multitude of landing strips…

Landing a Float plane 2015
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