Ride Sharing to the LadiesLoveTaildraggers TX fly-in

kancolle-anime-ep-01-review_27 Ladies, I wish I knew of more ride-sharing opportunities to our May 29-31 fly-in but I am happy to report two. Check ’em out and comment if you’d like to hop a ride. Anyone looking for someone to share rides/expenses, please let us know. Every year at the fly-in we end up with pilots who would have liked a passenger but fly in solo.


Carri Hoagland (Wisconsin)

Carri Hoagland

Carri Hoagland, Super Emeraude

“If there is a Lady Taildragger looking for a ride to and back to SLR? I will be leaving ETB (West Bend, WI) Wednesday morning the 27th. My Emeraude will have a right seat available and I can make adjustments to my route to pick someone up. Let me know.”

Kaitlin Mroz

Kaitlin Mroz, Cessna 120


Kaitlin Mroz (Texas)

“Can’t wait to go for my first time! If anyone from the DFW area wants to cram into the spam can, I’ll be taking my C120 that way.”


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