Robin Blevens (Kentucky)

Robin Blevens is based at KLOU, Bowman Field Airport, Louisville, Kentucky and is working on her tailwheel endorsement.

Robin Blevens closeup

My name is Robin and I received my PPL in March 2014. I own, and fly, a 172. I told myself when I received my PPL, I would earn my tail wheel endorsement since everything that I have read states tail wheels make you a better stick and rudder pilot.

My instructor and I when I passed my checkride

My instructor and I when I passed my checkride

I took my first lesson July 30, 2014 and I must agree. It is very different from flying a nose wheel plane, but I’m in love with both!! I am looking forward to my next lesson.

Robin Blevens C172

I am also currently working toward my IFR rating as well as my AGI certification. The flying bug bit me late in life, but it bit really hard. LOL!!  

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