Robin Hadfield, you are awesome!

Some women care and want to learn how all the various systems of their aircraft work together – they want to be mechanically knowledgeable. Some are OK with “the mag check is good, oil pressure is good, it’s running smooth, must be good to go.” But every once in a while the mag check’s not good or something’s not working quite right and the right woman can figure out how to rectify that situation on her own.

Robin Hadfield March 2014 closeup airshot

With Robin’s permission, check out her Facebook comments. You don’t have to be an A&P or and I/A to get the job done on an experimental. A little common sense and a brain go a long way!!

FYI, Robin flies an RV6-A and loves it. She previously flew a Pitts doing competition aerobatics and is based at Alliston Airport, Utopia, Ontario.

My husband has a very cool wife.

He says, “dear, the cylinder head temperature gauge in your airplane is not working”.
So, me, the wife, goes to the airport this afternoon to meet another 99 for lunch and decide to check the problem with my RV6.
Cowls off, checking the plugs – all tight- don’t see any corrosion.
Climb upside down laying on the seat to peer behind the instrument panel.
Wiggle the wire leading to the CH gauge.
Climb out, start the engine.
CH working.
Cowls back on.
Grease cleaned up…stupid piano hinge wires – hate them! They’re so greasy!
Wifey, that’s me, fixed her own airplane!

Robin Hadfield March 2014 for post

LOL in this bottom picture, I had just flown into an airshow after getting permission from the air boss. Everyone was waving to me, and staring as I walked away from my plane. What I didn’t know, was that as I was coming in for a landing, the air boss was on the loud speaker talking about me and kept referring to me as the famous Canadian astronaut’s sister in-law.  Chris Hadfield

Let me tell you..was I ever glad I did an absolute perfect landing! If I knew this guy was giving running commentary, I would have left his area and gone somewhere else with my friend for lunch!

Love the RV…landings are so easy that they always make you look good.

Robin Hadfield

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