Rohaise Firth-Butterfield (Texas)

Rohaise Firth-Butterfield is based at KILE, Skylark Field Airport, Killeen, Texas.


Hi! I’m 19 years old, and a college student studying aviation. I have my private and instrument, which I got in Cessna 152s and Piper Archers. I love all flying and most of it has been in nose wheels. However my real passion are tailwheels and specifically warbirds! I took my first flight in a warbird (a T6) recently and fell even more in love.


I’m dying to get my tailwheel endorsement and have been trying to get it since I started flying. However, I haven’t had much luck yet, only getting a couple hours, mainly because I haven’t been able to find a plane to fly or fund it, being a broke college student!


I truly have a passion for warbirds though, so getting my tailwheel is on the top of my list. Happy flying!

Rohaise Firth-Butterfield
Killeen, Texas

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