Rose B. Ganim (Massachusetts)

Rose B. Ganim is based at 7B2, Northampton Airport, Northampton, Massachusetts and flies a Cessna 170B.


I spent a few days flying a J-3 Cub on skis at Andover-Aeroflex in New Jersey which was some of the most fun ever — even rivaling floats! Damian DelGaizo is a great instructor and is a terrific resource about bush flying and taildragger love right here in the northeast. Some of the photos of that day ended up included with his DVD about Ski Flying.

Rose B. Ganim CubI also got to fly a P-51 Mustang in Florida as a shameless aero-tourist.  What a beautiful machine, and I am proud to say that I am doing the landing and was only a little left of the center line.

Rose B. Ganim P51

Rose B. Ganim closeup

I never met a taildragger I didn’t like.

Rose B. Ganim Cessna 170B

Looks like a fun website. Take care and safe flying,


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