Rosemarie Abad Johnston (Florida)

Rosemarie Abad Johnston is based at KJAX, Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, Florida.

I am a student pilot

I am a person that loves people, nature, traveling & adventures. I have loved flying since my 4th grade school report on Amelia Earhart. I became a 1st grade school teacher for 3 years, then a Speech Pathologist working with severely hearing impaired kids for 4 years. Then I went to medical school & I have been a physician since 1991. For the past 19 years, I have worked in the ER, & this time, I was continuously challenged mentally, emotionally & physically,…& never was bored!

In January 2009, met my ADHD Poster Child (current husband) that took me up in his Citabria & left me breathless!!! We currently own an RV-7 & we enjoy island hopping in the Bahamas,…& just going for a short flight, just because!

I plan to retire from medicine in December 2018 & I would love to re-invent myself, again. David, my husband, has given me brief lessons in the RV-7, but it is too fast to learn a taildragger with the RV-7. In 2 days, I will have my first lesson with a professional instructor on a Citabria, & I am very excited. David found your organization on his UPS newsletter & recommended I join!


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