Rowena Mason (California)

Rowena Mason is based at Santa Paula Airport (KSZP), Santa Paula, California.

Rowena just keeps checking them off her “must fly” list! Fun news from Olmsted Aviation, Santa Paula, California, March 12, 2012.

“Congratulations to Rowena Mason on her successful completion of our S1 Checkout, which concluded with her first solo in her own S1-S this afternoon!”

Rowena’s checkout in Olmsted Aviation’s Pitts S1



Posted 8/8/2011:  In addition to the Stearman pictured and the J3 Cub we own and fly…. 1953 Piper Pacer, another 1941 Stearman with a 450 P&W engine, and a really cool Sportavia Putzer RF4D motor glider.  We actually have seven airplanes right now, some are still projects.

Me in front of my bare Stearman; the red Stearman right after the engine was hung


Stearman flight!

Rowena Mason & her Cub

I bought my Cub in 1985 shortly after I moved to Southern California.  I have an aircraft fabric covering shop at Santa Paula Airport. My husband and I rebuild and fly antique airplanes.  My Stearman was purchased from a crop duster auction and my husband and I completely restored it.

It has a Jacobs 275 hp engine conversion and had its first flight in April of 2010.

Stearman Rat!

I have never been to Galesburg, but have always wanted to make the journey.  I wish I could fly it back to Galesburg this year for the Stearman Fly In. You know how that goes, time or money, or both…… this year it’s both.  Great to communicate, I had no idea there was this group, it looks like a fun bunch.

Rowena Mason
  • Aune (Halunen) Price
    Posted at 10:30h, 04 May Reply

    Judy – can you provide Rowena’s contact info for me? My parents flew out of Santa Paula and know Pete and Rowena. It would be pretty cool to connect with her directly.

    Many thanks!


    • Rowena mason
      Posted at 01:27h, 12 November Reply

      Hi, are you Johns Daughter?
      My email is
      Would love to hear from you

  • Cynthia Laddon Kaase
    Posted at 14:48h, 29 August Reply

    hi rowena

    i am interested in having my 1979 decathlon recovered. the phone # i have for you is 808-525-4352. i have had no success in reaching anyone on this number.

    could you please give me a call or shoot me an email at your convenience?

    thanks, cynthia

    cynthia laddon kaase
    (h) 619-224-6302
    (c) 619-675-1630

    • Judy Birchler
      Judy Birchler
      Posted at 16:39h, 29 August Reply

      Cynthia, I can put you in contact with Rowena. I’ll send you a phone number and email shortly!

  • Vanessa Nelson
    Posted at 00:00h, 11 August Reply

    Welcome, Rowena! I have a J-3, too, but the Stearman sounds like waaaay too much fun! I, too, had no idea there were so many lady taildragger pilots and it’s great to find each other and share adventures! Thanks for posting the great photos!

  • Ann Tracy Mueller
    Posted at 22:11h, 10 August Reply

    Rowena and Marie,

    How exciting it must be to be pilots — flying Stearmans, no less!

    For 24 years, I lived less than two miles from the Galesburg airport. There’s nothing in the world like the sound of those birds humming before a dawn patrol. The crazy thing is, living so close, I’ve to this day never been up in one. Nuts, huh?

    I discovered this site in following Summer’s sky adventure. Have fun in Ohio. Hope to catch you at the Stearman someday.


    • Marie Spear
      Posted at 11:27h, 15 August Reply

      Come on out to Galesburg during the fly-in this year. We will be arriving Sat. Sept 3 and not leaving until Sun. Sept 11. Our Stearman is a Navy N2S3 with a black 41 on the side. If the Stearman office is open, inquire in there and those wonderfully helpful ladies can usually tell you who is about the field. Hope to see ya there. Its a big, important year for the fly-in!


  • Marie Spear
    Posted at 21:21h, 09 August Reply

    Love those Stearmans! Welcome to the site…I’m kinda a newbie myself. Too bad you can’t make it to Galesburg this year. We can always use another lady Stearman pilot. Two years ago we started a group of lady Stearman pilots and call ourselves the Galesburg 12. I am sure you would make a great addition to the group. Check out Jeanne Reed’s profile for a picture of the 12. Hope to get the chance to meet you someday!!!!

  • Jeanne MacPherson
    Posted at 08:22h, 09 August Reply

    Yippee! So good to see you Rowena on “Ladies Love Taildraggers”!
    Rowena has taken me on a flight in her Stearman over the beautiful Pacific coast and the Santa Paula area!

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