Ruth Jacobs (Florida)

Ruth Jacobs is based at F45, North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Ruth Jacobs with 60C. “When I lived in Alaska I had a runway at home in Anchor Point and had Charlie, my C170B and my C182 41E on the gravel strip.” “The C170B was one of the most fun airplanes I have flown.  Won a second place in spot landing and 3rd place in take off contests in Talkeetna.” 🙂

I learned to fly in 1969 in a 1942 TCraft L2 on a grass strip in Kalamazoo, MI. Then bought Ercoupe, the 1959 C182 (My favorite), original rag wing C170, C170B with 180, STOL, bubble window, 30 inch tires (fun), then another C182 and another C182.

I flew around the world landing on all 7 continents with Bill Signs, Guinness Book of World Records.

Guinness Book of World Record Friendship Flight 96, Bill Signs and Ruth Jacobs flying a single engine airplane around the world landing on all seven continents.

Have flown to Provideniya, Soviet Union. Flew to Russia and Mongolia.

Ruth & granddaughter, Kalista Oehmigen. Kalista is now the chairman of the Sacramento Ninety-Nines.

Chartered Cook Inlet 99s in Alaska. Currently founding chair of Treasure Coast 99s.

Ratings: SEL

Aircraft flown: TCraft, Ercoupe, C182, C170, C210, C172, C150, Helio Courier, Yak 18

Dream taildragger: My hopped up C170B

Thoughts on taildragging: Fun to fly and land and take off.

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