Ruthie Wells (Indiana)

Ruthie Wells flies when possible at airports around Indianapolis. I met Ruthie a few weeks ago at an Indianapolis area airport. She had ridden her bicycle nearly 10 miles on a very cold day to get there. Ruthie told me she rides that bike everywhere and it’s her only mode of transportation. That may be something you do in NYC but it’s a really difficult thing when you live way out in the suburbs of Indy. She had my complete attention when our conversation led to her love for flying and her determination to get her ticket.

Ruthie Wells Cub

“Started flying out of 3SY Speedway Airport, Indianapolis, while in school. Earned lessons in a Texas Taildragger 150 by fueling the planes and running the radio.”

Speedway Airport opened in 1958 and sadly closed

Speedway Airport opened in 1958. It was located well inside the Class C airspace and very close to Indianapolis International Airport. It closed shortly after the new Hendrick Co. Airport, just barely inside the Class C space, was made operational.

That great old airport is now 145 acre available "for non-aviation" development.

That great old airport is now a 145 acre property for sale and available “for non-aviation” development.

“I am slowly working on my sports license and work full time at Wendy’s.”

Ruthie Wells Facebook 2


“I head to the FSDO to get my sport student cert. tomorrow then to check out a Piper J3 Cub for lessons in Greenwood.”

Ruthie Wells Facebook

Ruthie Wells

Ruthie Wells

Ruthie Wells

I should mention that Ruthie rides her bicycle about 20 miles each way to work. I just Mapquested it and the ride from her home to the FSDO then on to Greenwood to check out the Cub is 38 miles – one way. Pretty incredible little lady.

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