S2-B: Freya Shiller

Freya, we’d be happy too if we had that beautiful S2-B and Bruce riding along giving us top notch aerobatic instruction!! Way to go, girl!!

Sometimes the pictures I receive are too small a pixel size to publish and I hate that ’cause those are always the pictures you can tell would be GREAT if they were just a little bigger! That’s what happened when Freya sent me a few pictures her friend Bruce Bohannon sent her.  No problem this time, Bruce came through and sent me his great “Freya & her Pitts” pics!  Take a look.

Freya Shiller

From Bruce; “Here are a few pictures of Freya around Flyin’ Tiger Field (81D). Freya is an exceptional pilot and is progressing in aerobatics rapidly. Maybe competition in her future?!? Feel free to let all the ladies know that I teach tailwheel in our Legend Cub and aerobatics in Freya’s S2-B.”

Flyin’ Tiger Field

Email Bruce Bohannon at  flyalegend@gmail.com  for all the info.


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