Sabrina Kipp (Pennsylvania)

Sabrina Kipp is based at 08N, Keller Brothers Airport, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

B-25J Mitchell. Photo: Delaware Aviation Museum

I’m a professional pilot, been flying for over 40 years in all types of aircraft. Currently a Captain on a Boeing 737 for a major airline.

B-25J “Panchito”

In addition, my husband and I own a 1946 Stinson 108 and I volunteer with the Delaware Aviation Museum Foundation in Georgetown Delaware as a pilot on their B25 (and other duties as well).

Ratings: ATP, multi engine land: B737, CE500, CV240,CV340, CV440, DHC7, DHC8, NB25, SD3. Commercial SEL, SES, CFIIM

Aircraft flown: most Piper singles and twins, Cessnas, Citabria, Champ, Rearwin Cloudster, CAP10, numerous turboprops, North American B25 etc.

“The owner of the Champ let me fly him and his airplane to the Massey fly in.” Sabrina Kipp

Favorite Taildraggers: Stearman, T-6

Thoughts on taildragging: I prefer taildraggers mostly for the additional skill needed to keep them flying and the joy I get from flying vintage aircraft!

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