Sally Canning (New Mexico)

Sally Canning is based at Tuscon Valley Ranch, New Mexico.

Sally Canning

600 hours in a Citabria; 400 hours in a Maule. I fly a taildragger because that is all I have ever known and because of our ranching. I don’t gather cattle with the plane but prefer to keep the plane at home. I live far enough away it is more convenient to fly to town (and a lot more fun). For many years we had several ranches and that is how we got back and forth. I co-piloted with my father for many years, but never PIC in his Bonanza. I started when I was 7; I was flying the plane while my father slept. Then in 1994 I got my private so I could continue flying for my fathers ranch.

Sally Canning my maule and runway

I have a nice Maule, N40330 for sale. My web site is and have a super (difficult) grass strip (with sprinkler system, windsock and 1960′). Fly in and eat at our wonderful restaurant. I have cabins and private fishing also. Live music..we love life.

Laughing Sheep Farm Restaurant

Google 124 Orchard View Lane, Lincoln, NM and the GPS on Google Earth will take you there.

Doc & Dan

Doc & Dan

OH!!! I just named my new little horse. Her name is Bonanza SureCan Fly.

Happy Trials and Skies,


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