Sandrine Gressard (Canada)

Sandrine Gressard is based at CTA3, Île aux Coudres Airport, Quebec, Canada.

Photo: Solo Glider

I consider myself a “Happy alien”… My goal is to instigate success amongst others… mainly women cause they seem to need more motivation in this world of ours. I run a health/wellness company that brings services and products to the corporate world. I love soaring in the glider, flying taildraggers on cross-country flights and getting friends up in the air to make them discover the freedom felt.

I also scuba dive and mountain hike. I am the Mom of a great 11-yr old son and a 17-yr old daughter.

L-33 Glider

Ratings: GPL (Glider pilot), 90% done PPL in a Cessna 140 with instrument flying in a Cessna 172

Aircraft flown:
Taildragger: Cessna 140
Tricycle: Cessna 172
Gliders: Ka-7, Blanik L-23 & L-33, ASK-13

Dream Taildragger: Bellanca Cruisemaster 14-19-2

Why I love taildragging: Because they are basic and well built. They have nicer designs and just feel “right”. Also, I am generally attracted to old school and find that newer machines are uglier! Taildraggers just have nicer shapes, overall.

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