Sandy Gainza (California)

Sandy Gainza is based at KAPC, Napa County Airport, Napa, California.

Sandy Gainza

 This is me after my type training with Aaron Dabney at Waco Flying Services in Waco TX

Sandy Gainza 3

I have been flying for about 11 years, learned how in my 40s, when my kids were old enough to roll their eyes when I went on and on about how much I loved to fly. My husband built a Lancair IVP, a very high performance airplane and we have been flying it for 8 1/2 years now. Three years ago, he started a new project. The American Legend Aircraft Company sells a kit version of their Legend Cub, called a Texas Sport. We just completed this plane three weeks ago and it is mine to fly whenever I can.

Sandy Gainza 2

This is my aircraft with the test pilot, Pete Zaccagnino, of High Performance Group, doing the initial flight.

I am just learning tailwheel flying and find it very challenging even after flying much faster complex aircraft. I look forward to meeting more women pilots and especially women who enjoy tailwheel flying. I am also interested in finding tailwheel instructors in my area near Napa, CA so  I can improve my landings!!!

I don’t have any photos of me flying the plane yet!

Sandy Gainza

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