Sara Mazzarella (Arizona)

Sara Mazzarella is based at KCHD, Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona.

I’m an airline stew looking to change careers. Right now I’m finishing my multi-engine rating. Then on to commercial multi, then com single. I don’t plan to instruct. I want to get dual rated in helicopters so I can fly with my 99s friend Marina! 🙂

I have some experience in my friend’s taildragger, but no endorsement yet.

Ratings: Private and Instrument

Aircraft flown: c150, c152, c172, pa-44, aa5a

Dream Taildragger: The “Tin Goose” (Ford Tri-motor) in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

About taildragging: I want to be more dialed in on my skills. I hear taildraggers require more finesse and awareness especially on takeoffs and landings. Plus I hear they are better for rough/gravel strips, which happen to be the places I want to fly to. I want adventure!

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