Sarah Dickerson (Missouri)

Sarah Dickerson is based at KGPH, Midwest National Air Center Airport, just outside Kansas City, Missouri.

Sarah Dickerson

I’m a professional photographer who also does a bit of flight instructing on the side. I own a 1947 Cessna 120 with my husband, Jim, and we presently base the plane at KGPH (Midwest National Air Center) just outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

Cessna 120

I teach at ATD Flight Systems at the Kansas City Downtown Airport and in student-owned airplanes as a freelance instructor. Jim and I attend as many fly-ins as possible (unfortunately, as a wedding photographer I have to really plan ahead). Two must-attends on our list each year are the New Holstein Fly-In in New Holstein, Wisconsin (8D1) held during Oshkosh each year – we don’t own a Super Cub but the site and fly-in organizer, Steve Johnson, is a very good friend of ours and lives less than 5 minutes from us - – as well as the annual Blakesburg, Iowa Antique fly-in.

Having fun at New Holstein

We love our little 120 and spend nearly as much time polishing it as we do flying it! I love the challenge of flying a taildragger and my favorite type of flying is low and slow at sunset!!

I started accumulating ratings in hopes of switching to a flying career; however, I fell in love with this type of flying and it’s truly where my heart is!

  • Sarah Dickerson
    Posted at 22:22h, 07 August Reply

    Sorry guys, I just made my way back here to see these comments! Lisa, thanks! 🙂 Christina, I’d LOVE to, but already had a wedding booked for July 7 next year 🙁 It’s been on my books since last winter. (See what I mean about having to plan ahead??) Hopefully someday I can start cutting back on weddings – it’s my goal as I expand my portraiture business. Having the last 3 weekends off has been AMAZING!! I know I don’t want to shoot 30-40 weddings per year forever 🙂

  • christina chapman
    Posted at 17:26h, 02 June Reply


    Love to see you at the Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure. Check it out on the home page or my website ( You would have a great time taking amazing photos of backcountry aviation in Idaho. It’s a beauty of terrain and unbelievable aviation. Husbands are welcome and plenty of recreation to entertain while we are in symposium. EAA, AOPA, WIA all plan to send writers to cover. Hey, you can submit some photos and get published??? I’ll put a word in for you! Think about it. I know you have weddings but see if you can escape to this adventure July 7-10. Very affordable.

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 18:08h, 11 May Reply

    Gorgeous pictures…I guess that’s the mark of a professional 🙂

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