Sarah Moore (Oregon)

Sarah Moore is based at 4S2, Ken Jernstedt Airfield, Hood River, Oregon.

I am a graphic designer by trade but an adventurer at heart. I hike as often as I can and plan vacations around remote adventures. After 10 years of sitting behind a computer I had a realization at the top of a mountain.  I thought, “how can I have this view everyday?” The next week, on Valentine’s Day, I went to the local FBO and asked for a discovery flight. They took me up in a little Cessna, it was fun but when we got back I looked at a J3 Cub and decided that is how I wanted to learn! I came back the next day to start training with the goal of becoming a backcountry pilot. I’m still working towards my PPL,  just soloed and working hard!

Ratings: Just soloed, Student Pilot

Aircraft flown: Piper J3, Piper Top cub

Dream taildragger: I don’t know enough about them all, but I do love the J3 I soloed in.

Thoughts on taildragging: The taildraggers have been so fun to learn in. I think it will make me a better pilot in the end and get me one step closer to my back country goals!

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  • Chris
    Posted at 17:43h, 08 May Reply

    I just met you at Gillette airport 5.8.20 what a nice fun person . Chip fedex

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