Sarah Rovner (Texas)

Sarah Rovner is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas.

**Thanks for the pilot update Sarah!!**

Sarah Rovner 2013

Since discovering the awesomeness surrounding conventional gear aircraft, I have made an effort to make most of my flying in these type of airplanes. After building time in a Champ to meet the insurance requirements, I began towing gliders at my local soaring club in a Piper Pawnee.

Sarah Rovner 2013 glidertowing

I now fly that Champ, a Super Cub, Piper Pawnee, Taylorcraft, Super Decathlon and a Citabria on a regular basis.

Sarah Rovner 2013 Champ

I have flown now 700 hours in a little over 2 years, with about 150 of those hours in tailwheel airplanes. I have even flown in a few aerobatic contests in the Super Decathlon!

Sarah Rovner 2013 cub

I still maintain my share in the Cessna nose-dragger, but hopefully will be getting into my own taildragger sometime soon.



When I get my CFI rating (which should be next week), I hope to also help many others obtain their tailwheel endorsement in the club Citabria. It is very different learning to fly from the back set, but what better way to really refine your stick and rudder skills?



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