Saturday at Antique Airfield

I’m totally enjoying myself at Antique Airfield in south central Iowa. You only have to be here a few minutes to know this group loves to fly! There are gorgeous antique aircraft giving rides and circling the field from the time they open the field in the morning till it all shuts down at sunset.
There are no fly-outs or forums and just a couple vendors. There ARE small groups of people gathering around airplanes, at the museum and up and down the runway. This is a people place of the first rate.
There’s also a well stocked fly market that’s getting more than a few very excited. Culver Cadet anybody?
My first visit to Antique Airfield is officially “off the charts” thanks to an amazing flight with Gail Schipper in her Bucker.
Gail had sent me message a week before we all arrived saying “we need to get you upside down!” and we got the job done yesterday. Incredible. Thank you sooo much Gail!



Gail’s GoPro video seen here:

And if that isn’t cool enough, we had a great turn out of lady taildragger pilots including several who will soon be LLT members!

The heat is starting to break here but its not only people taking cover where ever they can find shade. Walking the rows of aircraft, this little Ercoupe and its sun-cover gave me a smile.


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